Fair Consideration Framework Watchlist

In 2016, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) announced the Fair Consideration Framework Watchlist (“Watchlist”), a list containing names of employers that have not given fair consideration to the recruitment and development of Singapore citizens and residents in their workforce. Since its announcement, the MOM has placed more than 1,200 employers on the Watchlist and 3,200 Employment Passes (“EP”) applications from employers have been rejected

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Improving Business Cash Flow

Many companies are experiencing significantly lower revenues brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes maximising cash flowing into a business even more crucial. The most commonly known measure for improving cash flow is via shorter payment terms. However, there are numerous approaches that companies may consider and we look at some of these in this newsletter. Amongst these measures is

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Country Specific APAC Data Privacy Changes Impacting Recruitment Firms

1. Australia While  Notifiable Data Breach (“NDB”) scheme (mandatory reporting of eligible data breach) which commenced after 22 February 2018, generally only applies to businesses with a turnover of more than $3M, recruitment agencies are the exception to the rule and every recruitment firm in Australia must comply, because even small firms hold enough valuable private data to be a

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Shortlist:More Australian recruiters launching in Asia

More Australian recruiters launching in Asia More recruiters are looking to expand into APAC countries to offset sluggish growth in an overly saturated Australian recruitment market, an industry advisor says.